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Please read the MOVER note at the end of this page.

Please read the directions at the end of this page that discuss various ways to unpackage and transfer some of the files found on Jazz.

Open source software produced/ported by HP:

Open source software produced/ported freeware by HP:

Open source software produced/ported by other companies:

Open source software produced/ported by individuals:

Binary-only software produced/ported by HP:

Alphabetical freeware listing

  • ABORTJ script - powerful and flexible script to abort multiple jobs and session. Can select by user account, job state, IP address, job queue, etc.
  • ACCTDUP - CM program as an alternative to BLDACCT. Help text provided as well as WRQ labels format.
  • Allegro freeware - Many useful and free tools -- we use their CHECKWWW tool on Jazz.
  • ALLOWALL (tar format) - grants all operator commands.
  • Analog - Apache logfile analyzer for generating numerous statistical reports. Ported by Andreas Schmidt.
  • Apache Web Server
  • Lars Appel's ports - too many to list here!
  • GNU autoconf - ported by Lars Appel and customized for MPE.
  • GNU bash shell - an alternative to the SH.HPBIN.SYS shell.
  • BIND/iX - Mark Bixby's port of the Berkeley Internet Services - includes DNS.
  • Mark Bixby's ports - all of Mark Bixby's infamous ports to MPE, including: Apache, BIND, Buldvol, Patchman, perl, syslog,XNTP and more.
  • BSD - Sources and Binaries ported to the 3000. (Same as NetBSD)
  • BULDVOL - shell script that captures current volumeset config for later re-building. Written by Mark Bixby.
  • CATCHLOG - IMAGE log file formatter (store-to-disk format), tar version, and Readme file.
  • CDCOPY - CDROM copy utility (tar archive) and Readme file. Provided by Holger Wiemann, updated by Lars Appel.
  • CDREAD - provides access to data CDs, where you can traverse directories, list, and copy files. Thanks to Keven Miller.
  • CHRTRAN - file contents translation utility (tar format) and Readme file.
  • CIVARS - A zipped tarball containing two COBOL programs. One sets the variable MYSECOND to the number of seconds in the current time. The other sets a variable named YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. Thanks to Glenn Koster and Lars Appel. Note: in 6.0 it is easy to get current date and time using the HPDATETIME and the HPHHMMSSMMM predefined variables
  • Command Files - and UDCs.
  • CRYPT - tarball containing the POSIX crypt utility. Usage: $crypt KEY <file1 >file2.
  • DBTUNE utility - Database admin program for IMAGE/SQL DBs attached to ALLBASE DBEs, courtesy of Denys Beauchemin, Hicomp.
  • DBUTIL.PUB.SYS store-to-disk archive or tar archive - New version of DBUTIL to fix security related defect. Please read this security notice for more information.
  • dnscheck - a shell script to check your e3000's DNS configuration. Run this script, correct any problems that it detects, and then re-run until no more problems are found.
  • Firmware for various HP devices:
    • SCSI-FC Channel Router/Extender v7.62 - to support SCSI host to FC device connectivity for the A5814A SCSI-FC router and the XP512. Not required for SCSI-FC-FC-SCSI distancing solution.
  • FWSCSI - NM program displays the revisons of the firmware for all NIO Fast/Wide SCSI interfaces in the system and avoids the need to use the xt diagnostic tool for each card on the system. Note that these interfaces may only be present in 900 series e3000 systems, not A/N-class systems. Recommended firmware 3728 or 3944.
  • GNU gdbm - hashed database library ported by Lars Appel.
  • GLIMPSE 4.0 - file indexing/search tool (compressed tar format), install text and Readme file.
  • GNU Tools - gcc compiler and related utilities ported to the 3000 by Mark Klein.
  • HP-IB device checker - script that runs on early 5.0 and later, and reports all HP-IB and FL devices on your system.
  • ht://Dig - web search engine and robot ported by Lars Appel.
  • Java/iX - Sources and binaries for java development.
  • Java servlets HP freeware for MPE/iX - binaries and MPE documentation for developing and deploying server-side Java code with Apache and WebWise.
  • LDAP C-SDK/iX for MPE/iX 6.0 available now! - binary for LDAP client C API for MPE/iX 6.0
  • libBSD - /usr/lib/libbsd.a ported to MPE.
  • LineJet Printer Utilities:
  • mmencode/sendmime - two utilities ported by Dave Waroff for composing and sending e-mail attachments.
  • MOVER A.00.02 ("mover635" was RYDER) - An unsupported and outdated archival program for the HP3000. NOTE: mover is here for historical purposed only, PLEASE do not use MOVER!! tar and store-to-disk are much better and supported! See the mover note at the bottom of this page.
  • MPE::CIvar - Ken Hirsch's Perl interface to the MPE JCW, CI variable, and hpcicommand intrinsics.
  • MPE::IMAGE - Ted Ashton's Perl interface to the TurboIMAGE DBMS intrinsics.
  • MPE2PX - script that converts an MPE name to POSIX.
  • NetBSD - Sources and Binaries ported to the 3000. (Same as BSD)
  • NetPBM - graphics conversion utilities ported by Lars Appel.
  • NETTIME - time synchronization utility (compressed tar) and Readme file.
  • NEWACCT and NEWGROUP UDCs - UDCs and scripts make it easier to keep groups and files on user volumes. Readme file for Volume Management UDCs.
  • NTP - Network Time Protocol for clock synchronization.
  • OpenLDAP - LDAP client and server ported by Lars Appel.
  • OpenSSL - SSL/TLS protocols, X.509 authentication, encryption/decryption, S/MIME, and much more.
  • Patch/iX store-to-disk archives for various MPE releases:
  • Perl - Perl scripting language ported by Mark Bixby of HP CSY.
  • ping - PING.NET.SYS program in store-to-disc format with the NM, NA capability requirement removed. Thanks to Lars!.
  • Ploticus/iX - graphics and table formatter contributed by Andreas Schmidt.
  • Porting Scanner - toolkit to analyze application before porting.
  • Porting Wrappers - additional functions and commands, both POSIX and UNIX, useful in porting applications.
  • PURGEACCT and PURGEGROUP UDCs - UDCs and scripts make it easier to keep groups and files on user volumes. Readme file for Volume Management UDCs.
  • Python/iX - latest version of python for MPE.
  • QCTerm - a free terminal emulator from AICS Research with amazing multimedia capabilities.
  • Random name generator - script that produces a pseudo random name from "minlen" up to "maxlen" characters long.
  • Samba/iX - latest supported version of Samba for MPE.
  • SAURCS - Southern Adventist University front-end by Ted Ashton which enables RCS to work with MPE and Qedit files in addition to bytestream files.
  • Scripts - Command Files and UDCs.
  • Sendmail/iX - Now officially supported by Hewlett-Packard.
  • SETDATE - A program to alter the date in the current session. Readme file.
  • Shared Source - a program administered by Interex where CSY releases selected portions of MPE source code for anybody to download, modify, and submit back.
  • Showconn & Abortcon Utilities - Utilities to show network sockets/connections on a system and abort TCP connections.
  • SHOWJOB script - powerful matching capabilities to select just the jobs/sessions you are interested in.
  • SIU migration/system mgmt tool - Utility to analyze various files on your system.
  • SLS - Stream Language System and job scheduler maintained by Ted Ashton. Source code available upon request.
  • Socksified FTP - for MPE/iX 6.0 and 5.5
  • STREAM UDC - 6.0 version of STREAM UDC for User Defined job queues. A simple config file maps user.accounts to specific job queues. No need to add the ";JOBQ=" parameter to existing jobs or STREAM commands. Readme file describes features of the STREAM UDC.
  • Syslog/iX - Unix's syslog package ported by Mark Bixby.
  • System and account level CI variables - scripts to simulate CI variables scoped for the entire system and/or specific accounts. Provided by John Krussel.
  • TAPECOPY - tar archive containing a NMPRG program and a text file (source, user guide, etc) for doing "raw" copies. Created by Lars Appel and modified by Keven Miller. Similar to the TELESUP STORCOPY utility.
  • TCPY - media copy utility (tar format) and Readme file.
  • GNU texinfo - GNU info file browser ported by Lars Appel.
  • Tidy - automatic correction of HTML mistakes and reformatting into a consistent layout style. Ported by Andreas Schmidt.
  • TIFF library - library and utilities for manipulating TIFF images. Ported by Lars Appel.
  • Toolset/iX migration program - utility that converts TSAM source to flat files. The tar file contains the NMPRG program file and the COBOL source code. Thanks to Sally Blackwell.
  • UNPACKP - the latest UNPACKP script.
  • VERSION - tar archive of the VERSION.pub.sys program which supports up to 500 SOMs.
  • VT3K - *supported* tar archive of vt3k for HP-ux 10.20.
  • HP WebWise MPE/iX Secure Web Server - the officially supported SSL version of Apache.
  • GNU wget - command-line utility to retrieve network files via HTTP or FTP and save as local files. Capable of mirroring, recursive retrievals, and other way cool things. Comes in two flavors:
  • WWW Sources: - Lynx 2.3.

Transferring and unpackaging some of the files on Jazz:

Many of the files in the software download sections of Jazz are compressed and packaged such that several files are contained in a single, archive file. Some of the older packages on Jazz were created by the old Mover utility (see below), but the newer archives have been created using the POSIX tar utility, or the MPE store-to-disk feature of the STORE command. It is not uncommon for archives created via tar to also be compressed using another POSIX utility named compress, or using the 'z' tar option, which amounts to the same thing.

tar files are identified by a ".tar" as a filename suffix. If the tar archive has also been compressed by POSIX, a ".Z" is appended to the filename. If the archive was compressed by the GNU compress utility, a ".gzip" or ".gz" is appended to the filename. Store-to-disk files are often identified with ".std" or "store" appended to the filename, and these files are usually not compressed via another utility since STORE provides decent compression.

The first step to successfully download the software and binaries on Jazz is to carefully read all of the instructions. It sounds too simple, yet many difficulities arise from not following the steps provided by the contributing author. Often the file needs to be transferred to your e3000. The eaisest way to do this may be to use the WGET utility (above). However, the most common approach is to download the file from Jazz to your PC, and then FTP the file from your PC to your e3000. The FTP step must use a byte-by-byte transfer, called tenex mode on HP-UX. The MPE binary mode usually does not work since it is trying to create a binary program file. MPE ASCII mode also has problems since it tries to blank pad each record. Byte mode is the only way to transfer s-t-d and tar archive files.

Once the file resides on your e3000 you will need to unpackage it. Store-to-disk files need to be converted from bytestream files to fixed, binary files, first, then unpacked via the RESTORE command as follows:
:frombyte.hpbin.sys "-b ./std-archive-name ./non-bs-std-name" [;local]
:file diskf=./non-bs-std-name;dev=disc
:restore *diskf; /; show [;local]     
tar archive files (tarballs) are unpacked in the following manner:
:sh   or   run sh.hpbin.sys;info="-L"      # run the POSIX shell
$uncompress archive-filename.tar.Z         # undo the compression 
                                             if the name ends in .Z
$tar xvf archive_filename.tar              # extract files from tarball     
It may be necessary to rename the extracted files to new locations, change file permissions/ security etc. These details are usually in the accompaning instructions (readme) file.

A note about MOVER:

Some of the sources and binaries available here may still be archived by the mover (formerly ryder) utility. This program preserves all native mode MPE file attributes, allows several files to be bundled (or archived), rebuilds directory structures if needed, and does some compression. There are at least 2 versions of MOVER, most easily identified by their end-of-file (eof) value. The version of mover on jazz has an eof of 635 ("mover635") and the version in PRVXL.TELESUP on MPE release 5.5 has an eof of 651 ("mover651"). CSY stopped using mover after MPE release 5.5. We had been unable to support mover and there are two other supported tools that provide the same functionality. We are using tar and Store-to-disk as replacements to mover. All MPE patches for 6.0 and later are archived using Store-to-disk (S-T-D). All new freeware on jazz is packaged via tar or S-T-D. tar on MPE release 5.5 and later preserves all native mode MPE file attributes and is a standard tool. S-T-D on 6.0 preserves the properties for all MPE file types. Release 6.0 of FOS RESTORE can read any S-T-D archive. FOS STORE in a powerpatch to 6.0 and in later MPE releases can read and create S-T-D archives. Bottom line: DO NOT USE MOVER!

Last update: 2007-05-04

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