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Apache for MPE/iX is server software that turns your HP e3000 into a full-featured web server. With a front-end browser and Apache, applications and documents on your HP e3000 can be accessed on the Internet or over an intranet. Apache is open software from the Apache Software Foundation.

Last updated 5/21/01

News and events

Last updated 08/30/01

A new link was added in the resources section for a tutorial on Securing Your Web Pages with Apache

Apache 1.3.14 is now available from the HP Response Center as a beta test patch for Release 7.0. The patch ID is APCGD14. Apache 1.3.14 is currently planned for Release 7.0 Express 1.

Java servlets freeware binaries and documentation for MPE/iX is available for download from Jazz. This is unsupported software from HP that was originally packaged as the Java Servlets Beta for MPE/iX. This implementation of servlet technology is based on Apache JServ. Due to a shift toward Tomcat as the replacement for Apache JServ, HP has decided to release this software as unsupported freeware instead of as an HP product.

Apache 1.3.9 for MPE/iX is available as GR patch APCFDX6B for MPE/iX Release 6.5. Documentation for this version is included with the patch and is also available in the Communicator HP e3000 MPE/iX Release 6.5 Express 2. Please note that the Communicator article has several inaccuracies: Apache 1.3.9 will not be released on 6.0 and Java Servlets will not be released as an HP product.

Andreas Schmidt has ported Analog, an Apache logfile analyzer, to MPE. Visit the Jazz Software Downloads page for a link to Andreas' Analog site.

Check out the Troubleshooting Checklist for tips on how to debug Apache for MPE/iX installation, setup, and operation problems.

Apache 1.3.4 for MPE/iX is part of Release 6.5 FOS.

Apache 1.3.4 for MPE/iX 6.0 is available as a web download from this site. This version is fully supported through the HP Response Center.

Web server products

HP offers two web server products for MPE/iX, standard Apache and HP WebWise MPE/iX Secure Web Server.

WebWise Secure Web Server is built on Apache and is enhanced with SSL to provide secure communication between browsers and servers. Standard Apache is available for all MPE/iX releases as described in the release information. This site is the home page for standard Apache.

Release information

These are the current releases of standard Apache. The required patches for each release apply to all versions of Apache running on that release except where noted. Patches are often superseded by newer versions with a different patch ID. Please verify the correct patch requirements with the HP Response Center.

To use add-on Apache modules, select an Apache version that has DSO support and make sure to apply the DSO patch. Current HP versions of Apache that support DSOs are WebWise Secure Web Server, Apache 1.3.9, and Apache 1.3.14 Beta.

HP WebWise Secure Web Server is available on Release 6.0 and later.

MPE/iX Release 6.0:
  • Apache 1.3.4 is available as a web download from this site.
  • Required patches:
    • MPELX36C (kill command executeable by MGR.APACHE and MANAGER.SYS, DSO fix, getenv fix)
    • NSTFDY3A (CGI fix)
    • MPELX37A (tar utility fixes)
MPELX37A should be installed before installing Apache 1.3.4 since Apache 1.3.4 is installed using tar.

Please note: Apache 1.3.9 will not be released on 6.0. The release information was incorrect in the Communicator 6.5 Express 2.

MPE/iX Release 6.5:
  • Apache 1.3.4 is part of the 6.5 base release.
  • Apache 1.3.9 is available as general release patch APCFDX6B.
  • Required patches:
    • MPELXN2B (DSO fix)
    • NSTFDX5A (CGI fix)
    • MPELX37B (tar utility fixes)
    • MPELX51D (kill command executeable by MGR.APACHE)
    • PX1LXC8A (getenv fix)
MPELX37B is not required for Apache 1.3.4 since Apache 1.3.4 is already part of the 6.5 base release.

MPELX37B should be installed BEFORE installing Apache 1.3.9 and Apache 1.3.14.

Apache 1.3.9 for MPE/iX replaces Apache 1.3.4 for MPE/iX. All users should upgrade to Apache 1.3.9.

MPE/iX Release 7.0:
  • Apache 1.3.4 is part of the 7.0 base release
  • Apache 1.3.14 is available as beta test patch APCGD14 from the HP Response Center.
  • Required patches:
    • None
All the patches which are required for Apache on Releases 6.0 and 6.5 are now part of MPE/iX Release 7.0.

obtaining patches: General Release patches can be downloaded from the Hewlett-Packard IT Resource Center, http://us-support.external.hp.com/. Make sure also to download the UNPACKP utility for unpacking and installing MPE patches. A support contract is not required to obtain GR patches.

Beta Test patches must be requested from the HP Response Center and require a support contract.

Apache 1.3.14 for MPE/iX

Apache 1.3.14 includes minor enhancements and bug fixes over previous releases from the Apache Software Foundation. There are also several important fixes for security vulnerabilities in mod_vhost_alias and mod_rewrite. These vulnerabilities are exposed under certain situations that are described in the Apacheweek article, http://www.apacheweek.com/issues/00-10-13.

Apache 1.3.14 for MPE/iX uses a new installation scheme. Apache installs under the separate version-specific group /APACHE/A0200. The symbolic link /APACHE/CURRENT and symbolic links under /APACHE/PUB point to the new files. This scheme makes it possible to update without overwriting your existing files. More information about this installation scheme is included in the patch README file.


All general release versions of Apache for MPE/iX are fully supported through the HP Response Center. Please call the HPRC for all Apache help including installation, configuration, and operation. Apache support is included in the standard MPE FOS support contract for Apache on 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0.

No support will be provided for Apache compilations, Apache features, or Apache modules done outside of HP.


Last updated 6/1/01

The official Apache web site contains general Apache information, Apache configuration and functionality documentation, FAQ's, an MPE page for compiling, building, and running Apache on MPE, Apache books, and much more.

Apacheweek is a weekly digest of Apache activities and in-depth articles on Apache features.

Securing Your Web Pages with Apache is a tutorial on using Apache's security features to protect your web pages.

After installing Apache, the manual directory contains a User's Guide, Reference Manual, and other information such as FAQ's which pertain to the installed version of Apache. These are fully accessible on-line.

For MPE-specific information on standard Apache, the following documents are available from the HP online documentation site, The HTML version of Communicator 6.5 Express 2 has an error in the Apache 1.3.9 article. Please refer to the PDF version. The Apache 1.3.9 patch documentation has the most current information on Apache 1.3.9 and should be used when installing and configuring Apache 1.3.9.

Troubleshooting tips

For help in debugging the installation, setup, and operation of Apache for MPE/iX, the Troubleshooting Checklist provides a list of key items to check.

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