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All of the command files/scripts on this page written by CSY are supported on a "best effort" basis. Please contact Jeff Vance for support questions.

The ABORTJ script makes it easier to abort multiple jobs and sessions. Full wildcarding is supported, including minus wildcarding, and selection can be filtered by job state (EXEC, WAIT, SUSP, SCHED), job queue, IP address, and LDEV. The readme file shows the full syntax.

bubble sort - A script that sorts an arbitrary CI variable array. Thanks to Donna Garverick.

CHKUDC - A script that lists all cataloged UDCs for a supplied user.acct reporting the LOGON UDC name and UDC level. Wildcards are supported for the user.acct names.

Day-of-Year - A command file that returns the day of year for "today".

disk space usage - A perl script that shows disk space in gigabytes or sectors. sample output. Thanks to Guy Paul.

dnscheck - A POSIX shell script that checks to see if DNS has been configured properly on your e3000.

FILECNT - A script that counts the number of files and directories under any account or directory specified. Wildcards supported. Has been used on large systems with many, many files in a single group. If the script above fails with CIERR 1743 - an IF command nesting problem, please try this version, which is a tarball containing 3 files: a script FILECNT2, a simple NM program that calls the HPCICOMMAND intrinsic, and the source to this NM program. The FILECNT2 version is slower since a process is created for each directory traversal, but should not suffer from an arbitrary nesting limit. Try FILECNT first since it is faster. FILECNT can provide a recursive directory traversal framework that other scripts can utilize.

FTP wrapper - A wrapper script which shields the user from hostnames, logon user names and passwords. Also provides the ability to allow or deny certain FTP commands. Thanks to Paul Christidis.

HP-IB and FL device checker - A command file that reports all HP-IB and FL devices on your system. Can be run on any early 5.0 system and later.

Jobs logged on since? - This script displays jobs and sessions that have been logged on more than a certain number of days.

JOBSPID - A command file that accepts a job number and returns its spoolfile name. Not needed after release 5.5 since we now have the HPLASTJOB and HPLASTSPID CI variables.

LASTDAY - A command file that tells if "today" is the last day of the current month.

LF - A simple LISTFILE script that provides a friendly syntax for listing files by name, filecode, and various dates. Files can be selected by date accessed, date modified, or date created. E.g.:
:lf my@,2;code=NMPRG;dateA=9/12/02
:lf ;dateC=*  # '*' means today
:lf @foo;dateM=9/30/98     
Limit number of logons - A script that allows you to retrict logons by [jobname,]user.acct and, optionally, IP address. WRQ labels format Thanks to Paul Christidis.

LISTF by DATE - A command file that lists files accessed, modified or created on, before or after a supplied date. Thanks to Larry Simonsen.

LISTFX - A script that does an extended LISTF based on many FINFO attributes. Date arithmetic requires the companion script date offsets. Sorting by dates requires the date sorting script. The readme / help file is here. This latest version adds: sorting by creation, modification, and access dates; '$exec' parameter for selecting only PM or NM executables; better handling of '$pmcap'. Many thanks to Paul Christidis.

MMMDD - A command file that returns a date in "MMMDD" format for *yesterday*. Eg, "MAR14". Requires 5.5 PP5 or later.

MPE directory utility - A script which reports all of the groups for an account and the users home'd to these groups. In addition, objects, such as files or groups, which have 'risky' settings are reported. Thanks to Paul Christidis.

MPE2PX - A command file that converts an MPE syntax filename to an absolute POSIX pathname. Requires 5.5 PP 5 or later.

NUMSECTS - A command file that shows the number of sectors in 1 or more files. For wilcarded filenames the largest file is shown. 5.5 version -- or -- 5.0 version (Courtesy of Glen Cole) Not needed after 5.5 express 3 since finfo() will return this data.

RANDNAME - a script that produces a semi random name that begins with a letter with a user specifiable minimum and maximum length.

PRINTO - a script that displays any job's $STDLIST. If the job is active, PRINTO will automatically update the display every two seconds. Readme file. Thanks to Paul Taffel.

PRNT - a script that prints a file to $STDLIST based on qualifying the filename via applying HPPATH.

PROGCAP - a script which reports privileged mode (PM) program files matching the user supplied fileset.

RDO - a script that allows you to redo a command based on a match anywhere in the command image, not just based on the command name.

REM - a script that allows you to execute commands remotely and easily check their status on the local system.

SFTPPUT - A script which FTPs one or more files, encrypted, from your 3000 to other MPE, Unix or Windows systems.

SHOWJ - a :showjob script that offers powerful selection criteria, including job state, job queue, IP address, jobs with job names, jobs without job names, etc. Jobs-only or sessions-only for certain users can be specified. All names can be wildcarded. '?' provides usage.

SHOWJOB - a flexible SHOWJOB script. '?' provides usage information. Thanks to Paul Christidis.

Shutdown protection tool - A UDC to automate the shutdown processes for enterprise systems. The UDC is fully commented and very nice documentation is available here. Thanks to donna garverick!

SIU - a utility consisting of a script and program that scans files on your system and reports filecode data, disk usage, 3rd party products installed, etc.

SL.PUB.SYS OCT retranslator (4 files) - Due to a bug in the MPE patch process, SL.PUB.SYS may sometimes be translated incorrectly, resulting in possible program aborts. This AUTOPAT-based script will create a new CSLT tape containing a correctly translated SL.PUB.SYS. This can be completely avoided by using a version of Patch/iX (not AUTOPAT) equal to or greater than the following:
MPE/iX Release  Patch/iX vers
--------------  -------------
6.0             B.01.07
6.5             B.01.07
7.0             B.02.05
7.5             B.03.00     

SPOOK - An enhanced version of the old spook utility. Easy to select spoolfiles by age.

STREAM UDC - 6.0 STREAM UDC that maps user names (wildcards supported) to individual job queues, without changing any existing jobs or JCL. Readme file.

System-level CI variables - CI scripts that implement system and account level CI variables. Documentation. Thanks to John Krussel.

UNPACKP script - version B.00.02 of the unpackp patch unpackaging script, provided by Mike Dovano. Readme.

Volume Mgmt UDCs - UDCs and scripts that intelligently replace the NEWACCT, NEWGROUP, PURGEACCT and PURGEGROUP CI commands. The README file describes these tools.

WHERE - a script that lists where a command is located: is it a UDC or a command file or both? Shows multiple instances and supports MPE wildcarding.

Who's Connected? - a script that reports remote logons, which can be filtered by IP address wildcarding.
Assorted scripts - Tim Ericson's collection of many useful command files.

Last updated: 2007-05-29

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