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Porting Wrappers 6.5.0 for MPE/iX release 6.5, is a set of additional functions and commands useful in porting applications to the HP e3000. This package contains both POSIX and UNIX functions currently missing in MPE and used in our ports of Apache, Java, etc. to MPE.

Last updated April 6, 2004     (Porting Wrappers 6.0.8)


The Porting Wrappers are available 3 different versions:
  • Everything (compressed tar, 17 MB) - all executables, scripts, libraries, and sources.
  • Runtime only (compressed tar, 2 MB) - executables, scripts, and libraries, but no sources.
  • Source code only (compressed tar, 819 KB) - source code and scripts, but no executables or libraries.
Each package includes the What's New and release history and the Installation Instructions.

Additional resources

The excellent book Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment by W. Richard Stevens (Addison-Wesley, 1992) contains many source code examples, some of which are used as the test programs for some of the Wrappers. The directory util/apue in the Porting Wrappers contains his main header file and library of utility functions used in his code examples, for example, in error reporting.

For an introduction, check out the Programming and POSIX seminar presented at Solutions Symposium 2000.

The book POSIX Programmer's Guide by Donald Lewine (O'Reilly, 1991) may also be useful.

The book "The POSIX.1 Standard - A Programmer's Guide" by Fred Zlotnick (Benjamin/Cummings, 1991) appears to be out of print.

The POSIX Standard from IEEE contains very detailed specifications of every POSIX function.

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