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If you're ATTACHed to your IMAGE ...
you need DBTune/SQL!

October, 2001: Now updated for IMAGE/SQL G4. (MPE/iX 6.5 and 7.0)

Instructions to Download a FREE copy of DBTune/SQL.

IMAGE/SQL usage is shackled to ALLBASE/SQL. The management of these two disparate database management systems is quite a handful, which is why DBTune/SQL was created. Now, in response to one of the top ten requests of SIGIMAGE, HICOMP has decided to make DBTune/SQL free for downloading to any HP 3000 user.

Yes, DBTune/SQL is now free. Read this page carefully, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page and download your copy of DBTune/SQL.

What is DBTune/SQL?

DBTune/SQL is the utility dedicated to administering IMAGE/SQL databases ATTACHed to ALLBASE/SQL DBEs (Data Base Environment). This ATTACH, required to enable SQL access to the IMAGE databases, is now easily viewed and managed in three sections of the DBTune/SQL module.

Section 1. Global environment information and actions.

This section can list all DBEs attached to a TurboIMAGE database (TIDB) and all TIDBs attached to a DBE.

The main feature of this section is the ability to create a command file which, using IMAGESQL, will recreate the ATTACHed environment. This is especially useful when there are many users, split, updated or renamed columns. This command file can be recreated instantly from any existing ATTACHed environment.

display module and databases information.
display all DBEs attached to the TIDB.
display all TIDBs attached to the DBE.
display all MPE files which make up an ATTACHed environment. It can also create an indirect file.
create a command file that IMAGESQL can use to recreate an existing ATTACHed environment.
create a command file that ISQL can use to recreate the existing views.

Example of command file created by DBTune/SQL:
:comment ********************************************************
:comment Command file created by DBTUNE/SQL A.02.02 (1995.09.12)*
:comment Command file created on MON, SEP 12, 1995, 4:27 PM     *
:comment ********************************************************
log off
echo on
set turbodb DBCUST.PUB.HICOMP ,maint= HiComp
:comment ********************************************************
:comment The ATTACH currently has 4 tables and 20 columns.      *
:comment ********************************************************
attach with owner = DBCUST
split C_MASTER.CUST_ADDR_4 into &
   C_CITY : X20 :CHAR(20),&
   C_STATE : X10 :CHAR(10)
split C_MASTER.C_DATA into &
   C_TRIVIA : X94 : CHAR(94)
:comment ********************************************************
:comment There are currently 4 user(s).                         *
:comment ********************************************************
add user MANAGER@HICOMP with pass=MGR , mode=1
add user PAYROLL@HICOMP with pass=PAYROLL1, mode=1
add user JOHN@HICOMP with pass=ORDER , mode=1
add user MARY@HICOMP with pass=ORDER , mode=1
:comment ********************************************************
:comment Command file created by DBTUNE/SQL A.02.02 (1995.09.12)*
:comment Command file created on MON, SEP 12, 1995, 4:27 PM     *
:comment ********************************************************

Section 2. DBE/TIDB Security & Access information and actions.

This section helps control the security of and access to the TIDB through the SQL interface. The users declared in to IMAGESQL can be listed along with passwords and mode.

Class passwords can be modified and all users declared with the class will be modified also. This is invaluable if the TIDB password contains non-alphanumeric characters.

In the case of mass changes to the TIDB passwords, all users can be synchronized with one command. This is useful in production environments or when placing databases in production.


display SQL users declared in ATCINFO file.
display groupids/userids in the DBE with SQL access to the TIDB.
display the DBE VIEWs used for SQL access to the TIDB.
display TIDB passwords as stored in the ATCINFO file.
modify TIDB password in ATCINFO file and update appropriate users.
synchronize TIDB passwords in ATCINFO file with the current ones in the TIDB. Also, all users will be updated appropriately.

Section 3. Sets/Tables Items/Columns Access information and actions.

This section simplifies managing the set/table and item/column mapping in a more user friendly and complete way than is currently available.

An important feature in this section is the ability to display every occurrence of an IMAGE item across all the mapped tables. Because of the one-to-one relationship between columns and tables, an IMAGE item can be mapped in different ways for different tables.

Further, SQL table statistics can be updated for all the mapped tables of the TIDB with one command.


display the mapped tables in two ways:
1- List all tables with set type, number of fields and columns, row length and number of critical fields.
2- List same information as above for single table PLUS all columns with item name, sub-item number type and size, starting location, column name number and definition.
update stats for one or all mapped tables for the TIDB.
display all mapped columns in the ATCINFO file.
display occurrences of a TIDB item in mapped tables, in effect a cross-reference.

Example of TABLE command output


Nbr Set name Typ Table name flds Cols Length Crit

1   C-MASTER M   C_MASTER   7    13   140    1

Item name    Sub  Size    Strt  Column name        Col# Col def Msg

CUST-NBR    *      I2     0     CUST_NBR            1  INTEGER 
CUST-NAME          X30    4     CUST_NAME           2  CHAR(30) 
CUST-ADDR    1     X30    34    CUST_ADDR_1         3  CHAR(30) S
CUST-ADDR    2     X30    64    CUST_ADDR_2         4  CHAR(30) S
CUST-ADDR    3     X30    94    CUST_ADDR_3         5  CHAR(30) S
CUST-ADDR    4     X20    124   C_CITY              6  CHAR(20) S
CUST-ADDR    4     X10    144   C_STATE             7  CHAR(10) S
CUST-ZIP           X10    154   CUST_ZIP            7  CHAR(10) 
CUST-TEL           X12    164   CUST_TEL            8  CHAR(12) 
C-DATA       1     I1     176   STATUS              9  SMALLINT S
C-DATA       2     I2     178   REL_CUST            10 INTEGER  S
C-DATA       3     X94    186   C_TRIVIA            13 CHAR(94) S   

Download instructions for DBTune/SQL:

  1. Download 1 file. Select
  2. Create the HICOMP account on your HP 3000:
  3. Upload the file to your HP 3000 using WRQ Reflection w/Labels option:
  4. Run DBTSQL, enter the name of an attached IMAGE database. There is full help for the product.
  5. The software is provided free of charge. No warranty of any kind is implied or expressed. Use at your own risk.
  6. The software is not formally supported, but questions, enhancement requests and bug reports may be directed to denys@hicomp.com. These requests will be handled on a best effort basis.
  7. You may move the program to any other group and account which has PM and PH capabilities. Please do not change the name of the program, or modify it in any way.
  8. Lastly, if we ever catch someone selling this product, (s)he will discover that Khan was a lovable toddler compared to the Wrath we will demonstrate.

Revision History:

B.04.02 (2001/10/08) General Release of DBTUNE/SQL with new structures as DBTSQL2. Added date format display in command ITEM.

B.04.01 (2001/10/06) Fixed the COLUMNS display

B.04.00 (2001/10/05) Pre-release of DBTUNE/SQL updated for new ATCINFO structures

A.03.00- (1997/03/17) Initial release of freeware version. Taken from A.02.03 commercial version.

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Last modified: October 08, 2001

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