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VT3K allows you to establish a Virtual Terminal connection from a HP9000 to a HP3000. This version of VT3K is being made available to those HP3000 users that are planning on using HP OpenView IT/Operations to manage their HP3000 systems. This version of VT3K is supported on HP-UX servers running 10.20. VT3K is required in order to install the IT/Operations MPE agent on the HP3000.

VT3K requires the following:
  • The HP 3000 must be configured in either the domain name server or /etc/hosts file. VT3K can cross gateways as long as routing information is available for systems not on the local network.
  • The HP 3000 and HP 9000 HP-UX must be configured for Ethernet.
  • The target HP 3000 must be running the VTA Virtual Terminal Service.
  • To test communication between the HP 9000 system and an HP 3000, try pinging from HP-UX to the HP 3000.
Installation Instructions:
  • Click here to download the VT3K tar file.
  • Copy the tar file to the HP-UX server that will be your IT/Operations management server.
  • Logon to your HP-UX server as user root.
  • On your HP-UX server, cd into the directory where the file was saved. Execute the following command:

    #tar -xvf vt3k.tar
This will extract the two files that are in the archive. You are done.

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