Tape Reel Tape Reading Service Data Stream To Receiving Disk
Reel to Reel Tape Data Stream
  HP7978B Reel to Reel Tape Drive HP3000 Classic
  HP7978B Tape Drive HP 3000 Classic XE
Email: tapes at 3kRanger . com (Orem Utah 84097)
File format: IBM, HP3000, DEC File format: ASCII file
9 track 1/2 inch reel (1600/6250 cpi)
DDS-1 (60m,90m)     DDS-2 (120m)
DDS-3,DDS-24 (125m)     DDS-4,DDS-40 (150m)
DDS-5,DDS-72 (170m)     DDS-6,DDS-160 (150m)
Magnus 1.2, 2.5
Old Media: Destroyed or returned
Character Set: ASCII, EBCDIC Data Return: PC zipped file (WinZip)
Labels: IBM, ANSI, None CD/DVD or tar file
Max Block Size: 32,764 bytes
Read Tape to disk file(s): $50.00
Return Media: $(Shipping Fee)
!!! Multi-Tape Set Discount !!!
For your convenience - shipping rate calculators
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Conversion sites of HP3000 friends
Pro 3k (MN 55077)
Allegro Consultants, Inc. (CA 95051)(Look under Products)
Other conversion sites:
Farum Data ApS (Denmark) Electro Value (NJ 07030)
MullerMedia (NY 11030) DataConversion (FL 34677)
ConversionTech (CA) Data Conversions (NJ 07601)
Data Design Inc (OK 73069) IBM Conversions (MA 01886)
Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. (NY 14534) Quayle Consulting Inc. (OH 43147)

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