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Links to MPE related sites

3000newswire Allegro Invent3k Empire on HP3000 - CSL CATALOG RIST HP3000
3k Associates Beechglen John Burke
Adager Robelle Minisoft HP Computer Museum
HP3000 Links Pro3K Lars Appel Andreas Schmidt

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Archive sites

Archived sites are moving under the HP3000 link, listed first below.
HP3000 Mark Bixby Mark Klein AICS/Wirt Atmar
JazzInfo Invent3k Interact

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Links to Friends and other useful sites

DIS International DIS International Information Systems, Ltd.
Dynamic DNS DNS service allows you to point a hostname to a dynamic or static IP address or URL.
HP-UX Porting (UK) The Porting And Archiving Centre for HP-UX in the UK.
SysAdmin PSG SysAdmin Pocket Survival Guide
[Wilson Diamonds favicon]Wilson Diamonds
[mermaid favicon]Love MerMaid

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Website Authoring (html) and other useful tools

WDG HTML Web Authoring Tools WDG HTML Authoring Tools
W3C HTML Validator W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C CSS Validator W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C Link Checker
W3schools JavaScript reference Javascript reference and testing
Web Hosting, and on a Budget How to Guide Recommended by Jessie Barber, 2024
Resource guide for web developers How to Guide Recommended by Jessie Barber, 2024

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Just FUN Links

Timeline for Doctor Who via CableTV.com

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