Files from the Telamon FTP site

File names contain .cm. which implies PROG files or .nm. for NMPRG files.

Files with extension .wrq are Reflection w/Label transfers.
Files with extension .bin are binary transfers usable with FTP as follows: 2kb 2000-08-02 2kb 2000-08-02 8kb 1996-12-23 DIALPAGR(cm): 23Dec96-15:01 (A.01.11) MPE/iX 7kb 1996-12-23 89kb 2003-01-14 FileSystem/IMAGE Intrinsic Utility - Tue, Jul 19, 2016, 7:08pm (requires Group cap=MR,DS,PH[,PM]) 89kb 2003-01-14 Version A.02.12cm (14JAN2003-12:26) - MPE/iX 31kb 2002-09-30 FTP(cm): 30Sep2002-08:22 (A.01.34) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 31kb 2002-09-30 23kb 2002-09-30 FTPCOPY(cm): 30Sep2002-08:29 (A.01.37) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 23kb 2002-09-30 36kb 2005-07-14 MAIL(cm): 14Jul2005-13:22 (A.02.17) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 36kb 2005-07-14
mail.nm.wrq 269kb 2006-04-07 MAIL(nm): 07Apr2006-15:46 (A.02.25) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM)
mail.nm.bin 269kb 2006-04-07 16kb 2002-01-29 PAGER(cm): 29Jan2002-15:25 (A.01.24) MPE/iX 12kb 2002-01-29 12kb 2000-06-16 REMSH(cm): 16Jun2000-08:10 (A.01.34) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 12kb 2000-06-16 REXEC(cm): 16Jun2000-08:10 (A.01.34) MPE/iX (REXEC is a renamed copy of REMSH) 15kb 2000-06-12 (requires Group cap=PH,PM) 15kb 2000-06-12 16kb 1999-02-03 SHAR(cm): 03Feb99-08:07 (A.01.10) MPE/iX 16kb 1999-02-03 14kb 2000-04-21 SNPP(cm): 21Apr2000-13:41 (A.01.03) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 14kb 2000-04-21 5kb 2002-11-13 TAIL(cm): 12Nov2002-17:58 (A.01.04) MPE/iX 4kb 2002-11-13 17kb 1996-10-28 TELNET(cm): 19Jul96-17:19 (A.01.04) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 17kb 1996-10-28 19kb 2001-10-03 TIMESYNC(cm): 03Oct2001-12:06 (A.01.27) MPE/iX (requires Group cap=PM) 19kb 2001-10-03 7kb 1996-10-23 WRQDECOD(cm): 25Sep96-16:02 (A.01.00) MPE/iX 7kb 1996-10-23

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