User's Guide to MPE/iX Security: HP 3000 MPE/iX Computer Systems


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HP Part Number: 32650-90471

Edition: First Edition

Published: Printed in: U.S.A. April 1994

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
The User's Guide to MPE/iX Security
Physical Security
Procedural Security
System Security
Defining User Roles
The System Manager
The System Supervisor
The System Operator
The Account Manager
General Users
Security Policy
Components of the Account Structure
The Individual Account
Standard Characteristics
Creating Naming Conventions
User Names
Group Names
File Names
Hierarchical file system (HFS)
HFS file names
HFS syntax
2 Accessing the System
Getting Started
To Log On
Guidelines for Selecting Passwords
Protecting Your System with Passwords
Changing Your Password
3 Protecting Your System with Access Control Definitions (ACDs)
Access Control Definitions (ACDs)
What is an ACD?
How do ACDs work
Access modes
User specifications
Required ACDs
HFS Object creation
HFS Object deletion
HFS File renaming
File owner
Appropriate Privilege
System manager capability
Account manager capability
Execute (X) Access
User Identification
SAVE access in MPE groups
CWD and File Security
ACD examples
Tasks Involving System Security
Listing ACDs
Listing ACDs for directories and files in directories
Changing access to HFS files and directories
Creating ACDs
Assigning ACDs
Adding an ACD Pair
Replacing an ACD Pair
Replacing ACDs
Modifying ACDs
Deleting ACDs
Copying ACDs
4 Protecting Your Files with Capabilities, File Access Restrictions and Lockwords
File System Security Features
Account, Group, and User Capabilities
Listing Capabilities
Listing Group Capabilities
Capabilities Table
Account Librarian (AL)
Account Manager (AM)
Batch Access (BA)
Use Communications Software (CS)
Diagnostician (DI)
Extra Data Segments (DS)
Group Librarian (GL)
Interactive Access (IA)
Multiple RIN (MR)
Network Administrator (NA)
Node Manager (NM)
Use Nonshareable Devices (ND)
Use Mountable Volume Sets (UV)
Privileged Mode (PM)
Process Handling (PH)
Programmatic Sessions (PS)
Save User Files Permanently (SF)
System Manager (SM)
System Supervisor (OP)
Use User Logging Facility (LG)
Create Mountable Volume Sets (CV)
Restricting File Access
Access Modes
User Types
Specifying File Access Restrictions
Releasing and Securing File Security
A Error Messages
General Error Messages
ACD Related Error Messages
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